The Python Mega Course: Build 10 Real World Applications

The Python Mega Course: Build 10 Real World Applications


Learn Python & Ethical Hacking From Scratch

  • The Python Mega Course: Build 10 Real World Applications - Go from zero to hero in Python in weeks! Learn Python the easy way by building real-life Python programs!

 Created by Ardit Sulce
 Name  The Python Mega Course
 Hours  33 hours on-demand video
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  • About The Python Mega Course: Build 10 Real World Applications

Welcome to my complete direction on python programming and moral hacking. The course assumes you have got NO previous information in any of these topics, and by way of the quit of it you may be at a excessive intermediate degree being capable of combine each of these competencies to write down python packages to hack into computer structures precisely the equal way that black hat hackers do. That's not all, you will additionally be capable of use the programming capabilities you discover ways to write any software despite the fact that it has not anything to do with hacking.

This path is noticeably sensible but it won't overlook the idea, we're going to begin with fundamentals of moral hacking and python programming and installing the wanted software. Then we'll dive and begin programming without delay. You'll analyze the whole thing by using example, through writing beneficial hacking packages, no dull dry programming lectures.

The course is split into a number of sections, each pursuits to gain a selected intention, the purpose is usually to hack right into a positive machine! We'll start through studying how this machine work and its weaknesses, then you'll lean how to write a python software to exploit those weaknesses and hack the gadget. As we write the program I will train you python programming from scratch covering one subject matter at a time. By the stop of the path you will have some of ethical hacking packages written by way of your self (see under) from backdoors, keyloggers, credential harvesters, network hacking equipment, internet site hacking tools and the listing goes on. You'll actually have a deep information on how computer systems work, the way to version issues, layout an set of rules to clear up issues and enforce the solution the usage of python.

As stated on this route you will examine each ethical hacking and programming on the identical time, right here are a number of the topics as a way to be protected inside the path:

Hacking subjects:

  • Basics of community hacking / penetration trying out.
  • Changing MAC deal with & bypassing filtering.
  • Network mapping.
  • ARP Spoofing - redirect the go with the flow of packets in a community.
  • DNS Spoofing - redirect requests from one website to any other.
  • Spying on any purchaser linked to the network - see usernames, passwords, visited urls ....And so forth.
  • Inject code in pages loaded through any pc related to the identical community.
  • Replace documents on the fly as they get downloaded via any computer on the equal network.
  • Detect ARP spoofing assaults.
  • Bypass HTTPS.
  • Create malware for Windows, OS X and Linux.
  • Create trojans for Windows, OS X and Linux.
  • Hack Windows, OS X and Linux the usage of custom backdoor.
  • Bypass Anti-Virus applications.
  • Use fake login set off to scouse borrow credentials.
  • Display fake updates.
  • Use own keylogger to spy on the whole lot typed on a Windows & Linux.
  • Learn the fundamentals of internet site hacking / penetration testing.
  • Discover subdomains.
  • Discover hidden documents and directories in a internet site.
  • Run wordlist assaults to wager login information.
  • Discover and make the most XSS vulnerabilities.
  • Discover weaknesses in websites the use of very own vulnerability scanner.
  • Programs you'll build in this direction:
  • You'll examine all the above via enforcing the following hacking programs
  • mac_changer - changes MAC Address to whatever we need.
  • Network_scanner - scans community and discovers the IP and MAC address of all connected customers.
  • Arp_spoofer - runs an arp spoofing attack to redirect the drift of packets in the community allowing us to intercept records.
  • Packet_sniffer - filters intercepted facts and shows usernames, passwords, visited hyperlinks ....Etc
  • dns_spoofer - redirects DNS requests, eg: redirects requests to from one area to another.
  • File_interceptor - replaces intercepted files with any report we need.
  • Code_injector - injects code in intercepted HTML pages.
  • Arpspoof_detector - detects ARP spoofing assaults.
  • Execute_command payload - executes a system command on the computer it receives finished on.
  • Execute_and_report payload - executes a system command and reports result via e mail.
  • Download_and_execute payload - downloads a file and executes it heading in the right direction device.
  • Download_execute_and_report payload - downloads a document, executes it, and reviews result by way of e-mail.
  • Reverse_backdoor - gives remote control over the system it gets carried out on, permits us to
  • Access record device.
  • Execute device instructions.
  • Download & add files
  • keylogger - records key-strikes and sends them to us with the aid of email.
  • Crawler - discovers hidden paths on a target website.
  • Discover_subdomains - discovers subdomains on course internet site.
  • Spider - maps the whole goal internet site and discovers all documents, directories and links.
  • Guess_login - runs a wordlist assault to wager login statistics.
  • Vulnerability_scanner - scans a goal website for weaknesses and produces a file with all findings.

As you build the above you may research:

  • Setting up a penetration trying out lab to practice hacking adequately.
  • Installing Kali Linux and Windows as virtual machines interior ANY working device.
  • Linux Basics.
  • Linux terminal fundamentals.
  • How networks work.
  • How clients communicate in a network.
  • Address Resolution Protocol - ARP.
  • Network layers.
  • Domain Name System - DNS.
  • Hypertext Transfer Protocol - HTTP.
  • HTTPS.
  • How anti-virus applications paintings.
  • Sockets.
  • Connecting devices over TCP.
  • Transferring information over TCP.
  • How website paintings.
  • GET & POST requests.

And extra!

Programming subjects:

  • Writing packages for python 2 and 3.
  • Using modules and libraries.
  • Variables, sorts ...And many others.
  • Handling person enter.
  • Reading and writing documents.
  • Functions.
  • Loops.
  • Data systems.
  • Regex.
  • Desiccation making.
  • Recursion.
  • Threading.
  • Object orientated programming.
  • Packet manipulation the use of scapy.
  • Netfilterqueue.
  • Socket programming.
  • String manipulation.
  • Exceptions.
  • Serialisation.
  • Compiling packages to binary executables.
  • Sending & receiving HTTP requests.
  • Parsing HTML.

+ extra!

  • What will you learn 

✔  A hundred and seventy+ videos on Python programming & moral hacking
✔  Install hacking lab & wanted software program (on Windows, OS X and Linux)
✔  Learn 2 subjects on the identical time - Python programming & Ethical Hacking
✔  Start from zero up to a high-intermediate degree
✔  Write over 20 ethical hacking and protection packages
✔  Learn by using example, by means of writing thrilling programs
✔  Model problems, layout solutions & implement them using Python
✔  Write programs in Python 2 and 3
✔  Write cross platform applications that paintings on Windows, OS X & Linux
✔  Have a deep expertise on how computer structures paintings
✔  Have a strong base & use the skills found out to jot down any application even supposing its not ✔  associated with hacking
✔  Understand what is Hacking, what's Programming, and why are they associated
✔  Design a trying out lab to practice hacking & programming effectively
✔  Interact & use Linux terminal
✔  Understand what MAC deal with is & a way to exchange it
✔  Write a python application to trade MAC address
✔  Use Python modules and libraries
✔  Understand Object Oriented Programming
✔  Write object orientated programs
✔  Model & design extendable packages
✔  Write a software to discover devices linked to the identical network
✔  Read, examine & control network packets
✔  Understand & have interaction with distinct network layers along with ARP, DNS, HTTP ....And many others
✔  Write a program to redirect the go with the flow of packets in a network (arp spoofer)
✔  Write a packet sniffer to filter out interesting records such as usernames and passwords
✔  Write a program to redirect DNS requests (DNS Spoofer)
✔  Intercept and alter community packets at the fly
✔  Write a application to update downloads requested by way of any computer on the community
✔  Analyse & alter HTTP requests and responses
✔  Inject code in HTML pages loaded by means of any computer on the equal network
✔  Downgrade HTTPS to HTTP
✔  Write a application to stumble on ARP Spoofing attacks
✔  Write payloads to down load a record, execute command, down load & execute, download execute & report .....Etc
✔  Use sockets to send information over TCP
✔  Send facts reliably over TCP
✔  Write patron-server applications
✔  Write a backdoor that works on Windows, OS X and Linux
✔  Implement cool functions in the backdoor inclusive of record machine access, add and down load documents and endurance
✔  Write a far flung keylogger which can register all keystrikes and send them by Email
✔  Interact with files using python (study, write & regulate)
✔  Convert python packages to binary executables that paintings on Windows, OS X and Linux
✔  Convert malware to torjans that paintings and function like different document types like an photo or a PDF
✔  Bypass Anti-Virus Programs
✔  Understand how web sites paintings, the technology used and the way to check them for weaknesses
✔  Send requests towebsites and analyse responses
✔  Write a application that may find out hidden paths in a website
✔  Write a application which can map a internet site and find out all hyperlinks, subdomains, ✔  documents and directories
✔  Extract and submit bureaucracy from python
✔  Run dictionary attacks and bet login facts on login pages
✔  Analyse HTML the use of Python
✔  Interact with web sites the usage of Python
✔  Write a software which can discover vulnerabilities in websites

  • Requirements 

  • Basic IT knowledge
  • No Linux, programming or hacking knowledge required.
  • Computer with a minimum of 4GB ram/memory
  • Operating System: Windows / OS X / Linux

  • Course content 
20 sections • 183 lectures • 24h 50m total length
Learn Python & Ethical Hacking From Scratch