Data Analysis with Pandas and Python

Data Analysis with Pandas and Python


Data Analysis with Pandas and Python

  • Data Analysis with Pandas and Python - Analyze data quickly and easily with Python's powerful pandas library! All datasets included --- beginners welcome.

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 Name  Data Analysis with Pandas
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  • About Data Analysis with Pandas and Python

In this palms-on direction, you'll study Python right starting from scratch to the level where you can construct almost whatever with it, be it a fully useful database oriented web software or an automation device.

This course will educate you Python proper from scratch from a very simple level and could regularly flow you closer to more advanced topics.

We now not just cover all of the Python fundamentals however additionally the most famous Python libraries including Django, Flask, Tkinter & Selenium.

  • Section 1: Python basics.

This segment covers all of the fundamentals of Python, beginning right from putting in the desired tools to overlaying subjects like mathematical operators, strings, accepting user enter, string operations, variables, conditionals like if, elif, manipulate systems which includes at the same time as & for loop, features, modules & programs, lists, file coping with, OOP in Python, normal expressions. Almost each primary Python concept is included in this section.

  • Section 2: Make GUI In Python Using Tkinter.

Once performed with the basics, we know examine the Tkinter library which lets in us to create desktop based applications with Python. We learn how to create GUI apps using Tkinter & Python and additionally build a totally useful Desktop app i.E a calculator.

Section three: Making Database Oriented Desktop Apps With PostgreSQL.

Making a simple laptop app alone is not sufficient, it needs a backend database to shop some records. To do the equal we learn how to join our laptop apps to the backend. In this segment we build a scholar management system software the usage of Python, Tkinter to layout the GUI & PostgreSQL database to save the statistics for our software in the backend.

Section four: File Compression & Encoding In Python.

In this segment we will discover ways to perform file compression in Python to lessen record size. We additionally learn how to de-compress the compressed facts and the techniques used for it. We build a GUI based report compression device the usage of Python & Tkinter and a document compression library.

  • Section 5: Text To Speech Converter Using Python.

Text may be transformed into speech/audio and this is precisely what's being protected on this specific phase wherein we construct a device that generates audio from a given textual content. Not simply that, we additionally learn how to convert an entire text document into mp3 which may be used to generate audiobooks from ebooks. We also discover ways to convert the user enter into speech.

  • Section 6: QR Code Generator.

We build a simple device that may convert any hyperlink and convert it into a QR code that may be scanned via any telephone that has a QR code reader. This tool creates QR code pictures that may be shared everywhere and the complete tool is built using Python & Tkinter.

  • Section 7: Video Downloader App.

In this section we constructed every other device to construct our Python abilties. This tool accepts a video URL, asks us to choose the direction wherein we need to download the desired video and then downloads that video to the specified route on our operating device. Not just that, this device can also be capable of convert video documents into natural mp3 documents as nicely. We build this tool from scratch proper from architecting the code to designing the capability to creating a person interface, all of it finished the use of Python.

  • Section 8: Building A Credit Card Validator Using Lhun's Algorithm.

In this phase we will examine what's Lhun's algorithm and how it's far used to validate credit score cards. We learn how Lhun's set of rules can be implemented in Python and used to validate credit score card numbers. This phase is designed to train algorithmic wondering and implementation in Python.

  • Section 9: Data Analysis.

Python is being widely used in the statistics technology area and hence it's far crucial to learn how to use Python to analyse data. Hence in this section we discover ways to use the equipment and techniques used to carry out facts analysis. We start off via learning the Pandas library that's used to perform records evaluation and all the basic principles like DataFrames, Reindexing, Indexing, Broadcasting and additionally learn how to perform facts plotting and visualisation with the Matplotlib library.

In this segment we actually have a facts technology challenge which is based on analysing supermarket facts to discover insightful information which enables take better commercial enterprise choices. We additionally learn how to represent information visually the usage of more than one forms of charts and bar graphs built the usage of matplotlib.

  • Section 10: Python Web Framework Django three.

This phase will train you how to construct complete-stack web applications with Python & Django 3. Django is one of the maximum famous net frameworks for Python and is used to program the lower back-end facet of out internet app. In this section we are able to learn Django right from basics and will build a easy e book shop internet utility. We will discover ways to create fashions, how to path URL requests, how to create unique perspectives for our web app, how to integrate HTML templates and plenty extra.

In this phase we additionally construct a totally purposeful todo list software built using Django. This application plays all the fundamental CRUD operations which stands for Create, Read, Update & Delete data from the database. While constructing this utility, we ensure that each one the critical principles of Django are throughly protected and carried out.

  • Section 11: Python Web Framework Flask.

Flask is a micro internet framework for Python used to build less complicated net apps. If you need to expand a few easy and small web sites, you can accomplish that using Flask. In this section we cowl flask fundamentals suck as Routing, Dynamic URLs, Templates, passing facts to the server & website cookies.

  • Section 12: REST APIs Using Django Rest Framework.

In this section we learn how to build our personal REST APIs using the Django Rest Framework. If you already have a Django internet app constructed, you may create API endpoints for it the use of the Django Rest Framework. In this section we are able to construct a completely practical REST API with functions which include seek, filtering & authentication.

Section thirteen: Web Scraping in Python.

Python also can be used to move slowly web sites and collect records from it. In this phase we research the identical, we construct a web crawler which crawls up any internet site of our desire and gathers links from it. Web crawlers are utilized by many search engines like google and yahoo to rank websites and in this phase we learn how to build a smaller model of it the use of Python.

  • What will you learn 

✔   Learn the brand new model of Python i.E Python 3
✔   Learn the brand new Django version, i.E Django 3
✔   Understand & examine each and every Python idea.
✔   Learn how to automate social media posts the usage of Selenium
✔   Make Web-Applications the use of Python.
✔   Make GUI based Applications in Python using Tkinter
✔   Learn how to make full-stack net apps the usage of Python and Django 3
✔   Learn how to system photos & films using OpenCV
✔   Learn how to make your personal internet-scraping tool the usage of Python
✔   Build database orientated desktop apps with Python, PostgreSQL & Tkinter.
✔   Understand all Django ideas
✔   Understand all Flask Concepts
✔   Learn the way to perform information analysis the use of Python
✔   Learn object oriented programming in Python
✔   Learn a way to carry out report compression & decompression using Python
✔   Learn the way to analyse grocery store income statistics using records evaluation
✔   Build a QR code generator the use of Python
✔   Build a textual content-to-speech converter
✔   Learn a way to hash passwords in Python
✔   Build A Budget Tracker Web Application With Python & ChartJs
✔   Course content material

  • Requirements 

  • No coding, or technical knowledge required.
  • A computer with internet connection.
  • No paid tools are required as the tools required for this course are free.
  • Passion and curiosity to learn someting new.