The Piano Girl (Piano books for beginners)

The Piano Girl (Piano books for beginners)

The Piano Girl

PAGES:  2009

The Piano Girl
Part One of the Counterfeit Princess Series

The day after her 16th birthday, Princess Alia finds out that she's been given away in marriage to a man she’s never met. The warfare has simply ended, and for Alia’s safety, she need to travel to her future country disguised as a hen farmer's daughter. This princess to pauper tale is packed with troubles, prayers and plenty of piano. This is Part One of a -component collection. In 2016, the Counterfeit Princess series will keep with Alia's sister, Wren.Description By manybooks.

Text from The Piano Girl (Piano books for beginners)

In Blue Sky, it is tradition for a maiden, on her sixteenth birthday, to choose the
recipient of
her first kiss. I, Princess Alia Dory Vankern Wells, intended to follow tradition.
Over four hundred distinguished guests gathered in the ballroom for my party. I
knew only a
handful by name. While many discussed the conclusion of the Twelve-Year War
or enjoyed fine
hors d’oeuvres or one of the sixteen different layer cakes, I danced with my
“If the war is over, Father, why are you still studying maps?” I smiled up into his
hazel eyes.
“I saw you today in your study.”
“It’s very important, Alia, to focus on the moment. Right now, I am dancing with
my lovely
daughter.” He waltzed me about the ballroom. The layered hems of my sky-blue
dress teased the
floor, and auburn curls spilled out of my high bun

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