Great Pianists on Piano Playing (piano learning book)

Great Pianists on Piano Playing (piano learning book)


Great Pianists on Piano Playing (piano learning book)

PAGES:  198

Great Pianists on Piano Playing

Study Talks with Foremost Virtuosos. A Series of Personal Educational Conferences with Renowned Masters of the Keyboard, Presenting the Most Modern Ideas upon the Subjects of Technic, Interpretation, Style and Expression

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Irth. He then vouchsafed his critiques and entered right into a bodily and mechanical dialogue of the problem, indicating that he had spent hours in getting the whole situation straightened out in his mind. This identical man, a German, knew complete cantos of the Inferno by using coronary heart, and will repeat lengthy scenes from King Lear with a totally creditable English accessory.

The common American "tired enterprise man" who is inclined to look upon the touring virtuoso as "handiest a pianist" would be immensely surprised if he have been referred to as upon to examine his save of "widely wide-spread" information with that of the performer. He would quickly see that his lengthy near confinement in the back of the bars of the greenback signal had made him the intellectual inferior of the musician he almost ignores. But it's miles hardly truthful to compare these well-known interpreters with the common "tired commercial enterprise guy." They are the Cecil Rhodes, the Thomas Edisons, the Maurice Maeterlincks of their fields. It is simple enough to find musicians of smaller lifestyles opportuni Source by manybook

Text from The Piano Girl (Piano books for beginners)

The father of a young woman who was preparing to become a virtuoso once
applied to a famous musical educator for advice regarding the future career of
his daughter. "I want her to become one of the greatest pianists America has ever
produced," he said. "She has talent, good health, unlimited ambition, a good
general education, and she is industrious." The educator thought for awhile, and
then said, "It is very likely that your daughter will be successful in her chosen
field, but the amount of grinding study she will be obliged to undergo to meet
the towering standards of modern pianism is awful to contemplate. In the end
she will have the flattery of the multitude, and, let us hope, some of their dollars
as well. In return, she may have to sacrifice many of the comforts and pleasures
which women covet. The more successful she is, the more of a nomad she must
become. She will know but few days for years when she will not be compelled to
practice for hours. She becomes a kind of chattel of the musical public. She will
be harassed by ignorant critics and perhaps annoyed by unreliable managers. In
return she has money and fame, but, in fact, far less of the great joy and purpose
of life than if she followed the customary domestic career with some splendid
man as her husband. When I was younger I used to preach quite an opposite
sermon, but the more I see of the hardships of the artist's life the less I think of
the dollars and the fame it brings. It is hard enough for a man, but it is twice as
hard for a woman."

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