Chopin: The Man and His Music

Chopin: The Man and His Music


Chopin: The Man and His Music

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Tells me he has the piece and that it's far weak, having historical hobby only. I cannot locate an awful lot approximately the Polish poet, Julius Slowacki, who died the equal year, 1849, as Edgar Allan Poe. Tarnowski proclaims him to were Chopin's warmest friend and in his poetry a starting point of thought for the composer.
In July 1829, followed by way of two pals, Chopin commenced for Vienna. Travelling in a lovely, old-fashioned manner, the birthday party saw tons of the united states--Galicia, Upper Silesia and Moravia--the Polish Switzerland. On July 31 they arrived within the Austrian capital. Then Chopin first started to enjoy an artistic ecosystem, to live much less parochially. His domestic existence, sweet and tranquil as it became, could not fail to hurt him as artist; he became flattered and coddled and probably the contact of effeminacy in his man or woman become fostered. In Vienna the existence changed into gayer, freer and infinitely extra artistic than in Warsaw. He met each one really worth knowing in the artistic global and his letters at that duration are wonderful

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Gustave Flaubert, pessimist and master of cadenced lyric prose, urged young
writers to lead ascetic lives that in their art they might be violent. Chopin's
violence was psychic, a travailing and groaning of the spirit; the bright
roughness of adventure was missing from his quotidian existence. The tragedy
was within. One recalls Maurice Maeterlinck: "Whereas most of our life is
passed far from blood, cries and swords, and the tears of men have become
silent, invisible and almost spiritual." Chopin went from Poland to France—from
Warsaw to Paris—where, finally

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